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GroupWise 2014 is here

Email may be a classic tool, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be up-to-date as well. Novell GroupWise 2014 provides end users with a fresh, clean look and feel. It includes a dynamic new user interface that responds to situational needs, as well as fonts, colors and other design elements that eliminate visual clutter and heighten focus on the work. GroupWise 2014 is an efficient and comfortable place for users who spend so much time working in email.

It also runs on the latest hardware, browsers, and back-end operating systems, so it fits right into the modern data center and makes life easier for IT. And it supports the desktop clients and endpoint devices users want today, while offering the flexibility to keep pace with those needs in the future.

Novell GroupWise has always been a secure, reliable “home base” for workforce productivity. And now, GroupWise 2014 enhances the email you love with all–new features and a sleek, dynamic user interface. With enhancements in all the places users work—as well as behind the scenes, where administrators live—GroupWise 2014 will simply help you get things done at every level of your organisation.

The days of monolithic IT infrastructure are over. To provide email services in modern mixed environments, you have to be flexible. Novell GroupWise 2014 is lithe and limber enough to mold itself to your organization. Since the boss is sure to demand a system that will work with collaborators both inside and outside the corporate walls, GroupWise inter-operates with Microsoft Exchange—providing the ability to synchronize address books and busy search across both systems. And it offers a clean, streamlined interface that keeps the focus right where it belongs: on the users and the work. And if you’re prone to change your mind about things like replying versus replying to all, adding a signature or selecting an item type, no problem! GroupWise 2014 lets you adapt on the fly.

For those running the back end, the flexibility of GroupWise will make your life easier. It installs and upgrades simply, while working seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory and NetIQ® eDirectory™.

It works on a variety of back-end platforms, desktop clients and mobile devices. And for users on the go, it offers a refreshed WebAccess interface, synchronization with today’s popular mobile devices, and custom templates for the tablets spreading like wildfire in virtually every organization. When it comes to your environment, after all, you’re the expert. And we feel it’s important to leverage what you’ve got—and support what you need.

Finally, in this modern era of data protection controls and regulatory oversight, GroupWise offers something many email packages can’t: a secure, reliable and cost-effective solution that keeps your data on-premises and firmly within IT’s control.

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