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#MFSummit 2016 Overview

Overview of the Micro Focus (#MFSummit) Summit 2016

From cloud to mobile, data centres to the Internet of Things, our customers face many new challenges. Yet your current IT infrastructure and business applications remain essential to your success.

Micro Focus solutions will enable you to :

  • build, operate and secure systems and information
  • seize more opportunities and innovate faster with less risk
  • embrace new business models
  • maximise market opportunities and derive competitive advantage.

#MFSummit2016 is your ‘peak’ into the future and a chance to resolve current business and IT challenges. Whatever your product, if you are looking to new horizons then #MFSummit2016 has the vision.


The software development industry has been captivated by ‘DevOps’ and the ‘Full Stack developer’. But what is the future for COBOL and mainframe application development, and how do your core business applications fit into these latest industry approaches?


Looking for secure, scalable, highly available and cost effective file storage that works with your current infrastructure? Being held to ransom by your current vendors? You have options. Micro Focus and SUSE storage technologies offer tiered storage from commodity hardware.


Security threats impact your business. Discover how our Identity, Access and Security solutions can help you understand and manage the infrastructure risk, address the insider threat and control privileged users.

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