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Micro Focus OES2015

Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server 2015 Now Available

What is OES 2015? It’s a platform that you can use to distribute shared network services across your enterprise. These services primarily relate to directory, storage, printing and clustering functions, among others. OES 2015 is an enhanced version of the widely popular OES 11 platform and the latest in the OES series.


You’ll find a more customer-centric approach to user licenses in OES 2015. Our new inactive user license, for instance, will consider end users who do not log in for at least 120 days to be inactive, and so they will not be tallied in active user counts. A limited use OES license is also available for users looking to run Print, File and Domain services on Windows without having to worry about scaling user counts exceeding granted entitlements.

Other exciting changes include the addition of DNS names on installation and upgrade paths, which will eliminate confusion during software installation and migration and while performing daily maintenance. Transfer ID migration will also support Common Proxy user migration.

Users will no longer be restricted to 8 Terabytes of storage. Get ready for 8 Exabytes of storage.

What’s more, it’s now possible to search and view all DFS junctions and export lists in DFS Junction Management. And with the Novell Identity Translator, which automates Linux User Management (LUM) functions, you can streamline LUM administration tasks.

Read the full article at Novell Cool Solutions by Gil Cattelain

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