NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator

Pass audits easier and reduce the administrative burden on your skilled IT staff. NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator ensures secure and efficient Active Directory and Exchange administration.

Microsoft Active Directory is both a datastore for confidential information and a gateway to other critical IT systems, so it must be diligently protected. However, the lack of native administrative controls can easily lead to elevated, unmonitored access and significant business problems – including service disruptions, inconsistent administration practices, incomplete data,and unnecessary security exposures of sensitive or confidential information.

NetIQ® Directory and Resource Administrator™ provides key features and controls to enhance the security and efficiency of Active Directory administration.

NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator enables you to granularly delegate administrative privileges and reduce the burden on your highly skilled, but highly tasked, administrators. In addition, by capturing and storing all administrative activity, you have the comprehensive audit trail necessary to produce reports that satisfy management and auditors.

NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator | USE CASE

NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator | PRODUCT BRIEF

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