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NDS8 first SEP UK Gold Partner

Leading German backup and disaster recovery software company, SEP AG, has appointed Edinburgh based Network and Design Support Limited, trading as NDS8, as its first Gold Partner in the UK, it is announced today.

To achieve this status NDS8 has had to demonstrate not only its knowledge of SEP products but also its deep understanding of infrastructure design, implementation and support.

Since the beginning of our partnership NDS8 has focused on the highest level of technical expertise and represented SEP not only in the UK, but also at international conferences worldwide. We are proud to have NDS8 as our first SEP Gold Partner in the UK, commented Georg Moosreiner, CEO of SEP AG.

Over the last four years NDS8 has developed as a leading backup and recovery partner in the United Kingdom with internationally recognised technical expertise in Linux, VMware and Novell environments. SEP Sesam backup and recovery software is a perfect fit in these technologies. Nowadays numerous customers not only in the UK, but across Europe are served with SEP Sesam by NDS8, continued Moosreiner.

We have been looking for a backup partner that viewed the critical functions of security and reliability in a similar manner to ourselves, in SEP we found that partner, said Tim Heywood, CTO of NDS8.

Working with SEP is easy as they provide flexible assistance throughout the business process. Not only is the technical functionality of the SEP solution at the leading edge, especially in the Linux, Novell and virtualisation arena, but it is extremely fast. We have found the SEP technical support not only highly skilled, but interested in the problem and not satisfied until an issue is correctly resolved, which is a major element of our partnership with SEP.

We are honoured to be the first UK Gold partner, something which reflects the explosion of new business, all thanks to the speed and quality of the SEP Sesam solution.

As a leading provider of the most advanced technical computing solutions, based in the United Kingdom, NDS8 typically works within heterogeneous environments. Diverse operating systems and different virtualisation technologies are part of the company’s daily business. With the wide range of OS, hypervisor and database support SEP Sesam fits perfectly into the NDS8 service offering.

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