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Services & Support

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Expert, Dedicated

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Consultancy Services

“The role of the IT consultancy company is to support and nurture the company from the very beginning of the engagement until the end”  ~ Wikipedia, July 2014, 

Our consultants are professionals with solid practical experience, who keep themselves up-to-date with new and changing functionality to ensure their expertise remains current. To provide the best consultancy services they can.

Application Packaging

MSI, Virtual Apps, Scripting …

Whether it is the introduction of new device types within your organisation such as smartphones or tablets, or maybe a move to the cloud of a critical application or an upgrade from one Windows operating system to another.

NDS8 can assist with the porting of your business applications to these new platforms.

Our highly skilled consultants will work with you to build a profile of application usage within your organisation, assess the technical and business impact and design, and implement a methodology for porting your applications to the new environment.

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IT strategy / Solution Design

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At NDS8 we pride ourselves in being able to offer a well-informed and agnostic IT Strategy or Solution design service that won’t break the bank.

Whether you need a simple upgrade to an existing infrastructure or a complete redesign of your IT delivery model.

NDS8 will work with you to capture, design, implement, enhance and support an IT delivery methodology that is right for your organisation.

Our IT Strategy and Solution service includes methodologies for Green Computing, Business Continuity, Mobile Computing, Cloud Migration, Identity and Access Management.

Pro Active Maintenance

Proactive maintenance is a preventive maintenance strategy for stabilising the reliability of machines or equipment. It has two parts: Preventive maintenance. Predictive maintenance.

Patching & Upgrades, Health checks, Routine Maintenance … All too frequently organisations spend £10,000s / £100,000s on IT investment but then fail to manage that asset.

At NDS8 we offer a Proactive Maintenance Service that through regular health checks, patching, upgrades and routine maintenance can avoid unnecessary and avoidable service outages.

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Project Initiation / Management

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Project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives. A project is a unique, transient endeavour, undertaken to achieve planned objectives, which could be defined in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits.

At NDS8 we can tailor our delivery to match your project management requirements. Whether that be following an ITIL methodology or a maybe a lighter project management approach. We can create the methodology to match your needs.

Short Term / Temporary Resourcing

If you have a short term staff resourcing requirement then let us locate the skills you require.

Our 25+ years of experience within the UK industry means we have a broad contact database to find you the right personnel for your project at a price that you can afford. Just set us the challenge -we won’t disappoint.

If you still can’t find the appropriate skill set either in the short or long term why not let us move your system to the Cloud and let us manage it?

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Get in touch with NDS8

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