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Software licensing is complex and varies from vendor to vendor. Not only is there a need to fully understand how each product is licensed, but you also need a thorough understanding of the licensing schemes available.

It is therefore easy to over spend on software licence purchases, and only through good advice and process can significant savings be made, firstly by understanding the total requirement and then applying the most cost effective licence strategy.

NDS8 can help you make the best choice for your organisation, big or small, and in any market sector. With many years of software and software licensing expertise, we understand the business and IT challenges that organisations in the academic sector, public sector and corporate markets face.

Significant savings, Effective strategy

We have tailored our value added services to offer the following benefits for customers:

  • Cost reductions based on best of breed advice from an account manager who understands software licensing and your business.
  • Significant costs savings possible through reviewing current and potential future software contracts
  • Advice and assistance covering software audits by software vendors.
  • An experienced trusted advisor to manage the license review and procurement process.
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Excellent advice & guidance

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NDS8 not only make software licensing simple, but are also focused on reducing costs for our clients, building long term relationships and trust through outstanding customer service.

By offering excellent advice and guidance around all aspects of software purchasing, management and implementation, our customers can show tangible savings and value from a company that really values its customer relationships.

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