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At NDS8 we can bring qualified and experienced trainers to your organisation to teach a variety of skills and courses, with a large array of topics available to choose from.

Training can be provided in different forms to suit the customers requirements whether that be fully certified courses, on demand training, bespoke training or skills transfer on a project.

While an increase in job skills is what brings about success, a certification is the easiest and most accepted way to prove that you have the skills and knowledge to succeed. Gaining a certification leads to more opportunities, better salaries, and increased job satisfaction.

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Bespoke Training

We offer the option of uniquely tailored, bespoke training courses and\or workshops so that the subject matter can be taught with relevance to your particular organisation and implementation.

The content of the course can be modified to focus on particular areas, where there are identified gaps in the user knowledge, or where there are requirements specific to the customers system and processes.

These are typically not accredited courses but specific skills transfer and are normally provided using highly skilled consultants with significant project experience in the specific area.

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Certified Training Partnerships (MindWorks)

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NDS8 has partnered with Mindworks for many years to provide accredited training in many different areas. Sometimes the courses are delivered by NDS8 consultants who are certified to deliver certain courses.

In other areas Mindworks will provide fully certified trainers to deliver the courses accompanied with the certified manuals for the delegates to keep after the course.

Should you have any specific requirements for training please contact us and we will work with Mindworks to make the required arrangements for you.

Mindworks are a certified training partner for Novell, NetIQ, Linux, Microsoft and Cisco.

Project Skills Transfer

The highly skilled consultancy team at NDS8 can easily incorporate skills transfer time into a project to conduct a live skills transfer and knowledge exchange during project implementation.

This would require a customer staff resource being dedicated to spend time with the consultant for the duration of the project.

This will enable the customer’s member(s) of staff to have the necessary skills to manage the solution independently following on from project completion. It will also minimise the requirement for ongoing support following implementation.

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On Demand Training Libraries

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The Attachmate Group (Novell, NetIQ and SuSe) provide comprehensive on demand training libraries which customers can purchase through NDS8.

These can be used before, during or after the project to provide useful information on a wide range of their products and can be accessed at any time by the assigned users.  These are a cost effective and flexible source of information.

There are different purchasing options so please contact us so we may help provide you with the most cost effective option to meet your requirements.

Additional Training

The Value of Certification

TestOut’s mission is “To make a difference in a person’s life through education using breakthrough technology.” The education we offer is training in a job skill, with new employment or advancement in your current employment being the end goal.

We believe the greatest value we can give to the individual is a certification that proves job skills.

TestOut’s new LabSim for Security Pro is our most comprehensive security courseware to date.

With over 60 lab simulations, LabSim for Security Pro will give you the knowledge and the experience you need to enter the industry as an entry-level IT security administrator.

At TestOut, we have removed all the barriers that stand between the student and a professional certification.

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