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Email is one of the most crucial business applications of today. It has transformed the way we communicate.

Prevention is always better than cure. Stop threats before they get to your enterprise.

Email has also become an effective communication tool for junk mail and for the distribution of viruses.

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Micro Focus Groupwise 2014

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Mobile, Flexible and Fresh. It’s GroupWise 2014.

Micro Focus GroupWise is a complete collaboration software solution that provides email, calendaring, instant messaging, task management, contact and document management functions. GroupWise has long been praised by customers and industry watchers for its security and reliability.

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Archiving has become a bit of a dirty word in the industry, with many vendors peddling software that has dubious value, sold to customers with the portent of doubt, fear and legal action, but despite this there are still real world solutions available that resolve business requirements that are valid.

An email system is a highly optimised database and storage system that has been maximised to hold collaboration data and share that data with multiple individuals as fast as possible.

There are various ways of adding to that data through creation and receiving of additional items (calendar appointments, reminders, tasks etc.) but in simple terms this database shares data.

If the quantity of data grows too large, the reading of the data, the checking of the indexes and the communication between the system and the clients slows and the system can begin to cause issues. In this kind of case, it has traditionally been the case of a new server(s) being installed; an iterative process that eventually has led to problems.

By offloading stale data to an alternative database that has been maximised for quantity rather than speed and collaboration, we can manage the performance of the email system, without losing data or breaking the bank.

There are legal requirements that can be industry specific or indeed business specific that have an important HR role where an Archive is imperative, but the principle benefit of an Email Archive is data management which can improve the management, back up, maintenance and performance of an email system.

Anti-Virus & SPAM Filtering

It is no longer a case of machine infecting machine. In today’s world with and the ever increasing mobility of staff, the human element is now the security issue. To stop evolving threats, protect data everywhere, manage your users’ needs for mobility, and ease the pressures on your IT team, you need a complete security strategy.

Take an active approach that monitors more than malware, including threats like vulnerabilities, applications, websites and spam. Protect everywhere. Make sure users are protected wherever they are and whatever device they’re using and combines endpoint (including mobile), gateway and cloud technologies to share data and work together to provide better protection without impacting users and performance.

Stop attacks and breaches. Keep people working.

It’s time to move beyond simply relying on antivirus signatures and look at layers of detection that stop threats at different stages of their execution. Make sure protection also looks at risky user behaviour not just for malicious code.

That includes your users and IT staff. Simplifying the tasks that take too much time today by providing complete visibility and granular control of your security system you can quickly see when something is wrong and then fix it.


With email being as ubiquitous as it is, the requirements of the management of the system are becoming more complex.

Mailboxes may be migrated for different reasons. For example, mailboxes may need to be migrated because a company wants to use a new email service provider, a change in platform (OS), a new release or version of the email system employed, or mailboxes may need to be migrated (consolidated) following a company acquisition or merger.

In some lucky cases, a simple one time (big bang) migration approach may be employed however, more advanced scenarios may be needed, with co-existence and phased migrations required due to the size and complexity of the systems:

  • Consolidation: email migration is performed to consolidate multiple accounts into one, for example following an employee’s departure.
  • Backup: email migration is performed to back up or preserve data, for example to ensure legal compliance.
  • Coexistence: email migration is performed for evaluation purposes, for example during a migration pilot.
  • Upgrade: email migration is performed to facilitate an upgrade, for example when deploying a new version of an email system.

In every case experience is necessary for such a change process to be successful, experience that NDS8 has gained over many years

Security & Availability

Email has also become an effective communication tool for junk mail and for the distribution of viruses.

Email is vital and requires security in the form of Anti-Virus and spam filtering. Internally organisations can deploy gateway Anti-Virus servers that scan incoming and outgoing mail and block spam so that it never enters your mail system.

ISPs offer mail scanning services that do the hard work for you. All mail, incoming and outgoing, is scanned by the ISP for spam and viruses before it is received or sent. These organisations use multiple Anti-Virus scanners and spam filters to provide a higher degree of accuracy in preventing these messages from entering or leaving your organisation.

Email like any other critical business application needs to be available 24/7 365 days. High Availability solutions such as clustering and business continuity clustering can provide high levels of availability, but in order to provide uninterrupted sending and receiving of email from outside your organisation, redundant network links are also required to an ISP. An alternative solution would be to have your email system in the cloud either managed by your own IT team or as a managed service.

Sophos unified threat management

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Integrates complete security software within a single appliance. Choose only the protection you need when you need it. And deploy it on the platform that best fits your business: software, hardware or virtual appliance.

Sophos XG series firewall

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