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Identity & Security

The modern threat of today is after your information, not the destruction of your machine.

PCs dominated our desktops for the last 40 years, but our need for on-demand information is rapidly changing the types of devices we use and the way we work. As we enter a post-PC world, many new threats have emerged to challenge data security – End Point Devices; BYOD; mobile devices; cloud storage and social networks.

The rights of the individual; Privacy; Identity & Security; Data theft; Fraud – Where is the balance?

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CA Privileged Access Management

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CA Privileged Access Manager delivers the comprehensive functionality needed to prevent breaches, demonstrate compliance and boost operational efficiency—providing protection across the broadest and deepest range of infrastructure, including the data center, software-defined virtual data centers and networks as well as public/private clouds.

With an increasing number of organizations experiencing damaging and costly data breaches involving stolen administrative credentials, the exploit of compromised credentials and unmanaged access to systems by privileged users are now the leading threats against enterprises and government establishments. Failure to prevent breaches can lead to data loss, reputational damage, interruptions in operations and other costly repercussions.

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Access Review

Identity governance for access certification and reducing the risk of excessive access

Access Review is a comprehensive identity governance solution that provides a business-friendly interface built on a common governance model that spans all of your business processes relating to identity, access and certification. Demonstrate compliance and be confident your access recertification campaigns are done right using Access Review.

Access Review allows you to define SOD controls to prevent or mitigate conflicting entitlement assignments, specify time constraints on role and permission assignments to manage temporary access rights, and define orphan account policies to detect and properly handle orphan, system and shared accounts.

Build standard models for access authorization based on roles or attributes. This significantly reduces the scope and duration of access certifications and access request and approval processes by allowing a focus on exceptions, rather than all entitlements.

Access Review makes it easy for review participants to make confident access revocation decisions by providing contextually relevant, business-friendly user-access information. Use roles, risk-scoring, and contextual information to enable business users to focus on exceptions and high-risk entitlements, such as SOD violations or orphan accounts.

Access Review integrates with Identity Manager to deliver seamless, automated access revocation. We make it easy to push and pull information to and from the Identity Vault. For applications not managed by Identity Manager, Access Review tracks manual fulfillment via service desk integration (Remedy or ServiceNow), or via email interaction with administrators.

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Ready for the Cloud?

Any identity solution has to be capable of the synchronisation, scalability and high-availability required of large-scale deployments while providing seamless provisioning and de-provisioning.

The security and resilience must deal with real-time response across physical, virtual and cloud environments to prevent internal threats, identify intruders, and maintain policy-aware security

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To manage identities within a business or an academic institution with hundreds of thousands of users, requires scalable reliable solutions that will ensure that the process becomes just that, a process.

Worried that terminating an employee may lead to an attack? When a user’s status is entered into a system such as HR, an identity manager system should immediately change his or her privileges and propagates these changes across all your linked applications.

You can protect every resource imaginable, from directories and email systems to databases and physical assets and cloud-based applications, too.

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