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SUSE Manager 3

Introducing SUSE Manager 3. Comprehensive open source infrastructure management solution built on Salt and Icinga.

You need to provision and manage assets, software licenses, configurations and security compliance across increasingly complex IT environments that include physical, virtual and cloud-based systems. This takes time, drains resources and, all too often, requires using multiple management tools. SUSE Manager is the single open source infrastructure management solution that automates IT lifecycle management for greater efficiency.

SUSE Manager 3 delivers extensive configuration management, simple subscription management and advanced monitoring tools that enable you to reduce the complexity and maintain control of IT infrastructures.

  • Improved configuration management with Salt. SUSE Manager 3 is now powered by open source Salt. This enables you to easily automate deployments of tens of thousands of systems without compromising speed or security. Faster and easier deployment can eliminate roadblocks to purchasing the hardware, software and services needed to expand IT operations.
  • SUSE subscription management. With the subscription management tool in SUSE Manager 3, you can gain detailed insights into usage of SUSE products. You can identify overutilisation of subscriptions, or underutilization of subscriptions, which can then be used for new projects.
  • Expanded monitoring options with Icinga. Integration with Icinga open source monitoring server expands the comprehensive management solution while protecting your investment with existing monitoring solutions. SUSE Manager continues to manage both SUSE and Red Hat enterprise Linux platforms.
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